Top Reasons to Visit Gran Canaria

There are tons of reasons to visit Gran Canaria, from the gorgeous beaches, to the outstanding viewpoints to the many ways to kick back and enjoy your hard earned holiday. So if you do decide to holiday in Gran Canaria, take a look at some of our top reasons to visit the island, make sure you don’t miss out!

The Beaches

You can’t mention Gran Canaria without mentioning the beaches. From the golden sand coated Maspalomas dunes to rugged Gui Gui, Gran Canaria’s 80 beaches are a great attraction for beach lovers.

You can find well organized beaches with the bars, shops and other facilities available, or wild hidden gems with nothing more than crystalline water and peace. Coupled with the amazing climate, if you’re hunting for a relaxing holiday, look no further.

The Climate

Gran Canaria is considered to have one of the best and most stable climates in the world. The medium temperatures between 18 to 25 degrees Celsius all year round make it the Eternal Spring paradise. The weather is warm and the sky is clear whole year with modest seasonal variations.

The European Sahara

About 220km of ocean separate Gran Canaria and Western Africa. The unique climate conditions brought sand all the way from the Sahara to Gran Canaria and created the Dunes of Maspalomas. It is a natural reserve with characteristic desert life, coasted by a 12km beach. The beach divides the dunes from the ocean and connects Faro de Maspalomas (the lighthouse) and Playa del Ingles. It’s a one of a kind experience, and one of the best reasons to visit Gran Canaria.

Delicious Food

Exquisite locally produced fruits and vegetables, and aromatic herbs give a unique taste to the food. The most famous dishes are papas arrugadas con mojo (potatoes with spicy red sauce), puchero (one pot meat and vegetable dish), potaje de berros (minestrone with vegetables and berros [local green plant]), ropa vieja, sancocho, gofio, the list goes on. You can also taste the unique variety of local cheeses and wines. If you’re a foodie, you definitely need to holiday in Gran Canaria.


If you like active holidays Gran Canaria will not disappoint you. There’s 230km of spectacular coastline where you can scuba dive and discover an awesome living underwater paradise. Or you can go surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing. If you prefer something more exciting, go for Jet Ski safaris. You can challenge the waves, admire the coast line, visit the caves and take a break on some of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Alternatively, you could always just kick back on the beach and get a nice sun tan!

The Landscape and Nature

Gran Canaria has a variety of micro-climates that caused a huge diversity in its nature, both in terms of landscapes and living creatures. It’s like a small continent and was awarded a Biosphere Reserve label by UNESCO for its natural diversity.

In just a short distance landscape changes drastically. From the desert dunes on the South, through the mountains and lakes, up to gothic cliffs on the North-West. There’s around 80 beaches on the island each providing a unique experience, so there’s something for everyone. For those wanting to see the sights, visiting Gran Canaria is a must.

Unique Culture

With such a cultural wealth to boast with, it comes as no surprise that there is plenty to be seen on the island of Gran Canaria. Must visit museums include Casa de Colon (Columbus House; devoted to the role the Canary Islands played in the discovery of America), Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia (the Museum of Science and Technology) and the Canarian Museum (dedicated to Canarian culture).

The island is full of history, from Columbus’ footsteps, to visiting ancient cave dwellings that Canarian ancestors used to live in, to caves raised around Aborigine settlements! So if you’re looking to explore the culture, or learn a bit of history, a holiday in Gran Canaria is a great choice.

European Destination

Gran Canaria is only a few hours of direct flight from almost anywhere in Europe. European safety standards and hygiene regulations are followed closely. There are also no dangerous or poisonous animals on the island. Plus, the air is constantly refreshed from Atlantic breezes, making Gran Canaria a fresh, safe island to holiday in.

The Amount of Things to Do

Here’s a quick list of things to do in Gran Canaria:

  • Dolphin and Whale watching

  • Speed boat and Catamaran Tours

  • Marlin and Tuna or Carp Fishing

  • Jeep Safaris

  • Airsoft

  • Animal shows, Wild West shows, Drag shows and more!

  • Camel rides

  • Hiking

  • Nightlife (with clubs opening at 12:00 and closing at 05:00, perfect for the clubbers!)

There really isn’t a shortage of things to do on the island, so if you’re thinking of visiting Gran Canaria or planning a holiday here, there’s something for everyone!