Best Family Holiday Activities in Gran Canaria

If you’re planning a family holiday abroad in the Canary Islands, there’s a variety of activities you can do. Whether you’re an active family, or just looking to kick back and enjoy the sun, Gran Canaria has plenty to keep you busy and then some. Being locals on the island, we’ve compiled a list of the best family activities in Gran Canaria, specifically for you.


Exploring the Sea

Sometimes, watching animals through glass just isn’t enough. There are plenty of dolphins in the nearby sea in Gran Canaria, and there are plenty of dolphin and whale watching boat rides available throughout the island. This is the perfect family activity in Gran Canaria if you have kids that are mad about seal life. The boat ride itself is roughly two and a half hours, so there’s enough time for the kids to get their excitement in, without getting bored!

If you want to go deeper, there are also submarine adventures which are great for those looking to get a more in depth view on marine wildlife and shipwrecks. Heading 25 meters deep, there’ll be plenty to see, making this a nice, relaxing family holiday activity.

Exploring the Island

As Gran Canaria is a volcanic island, there are plenty of beautiful mountain landscapes to view, and what better way to do so than on the back of a camel? There are several camel safaris around the island, so for your family holiday you have no excuse not to see what the island has to offer! Often, there are camel shows as well as animal shows as well with these tours, so there’ll always be something to keep the kids entertained.

Parks, Zoos and Other Activities

There are plenty of parks in Gran Canaria packed with marine life, animal shows and more. If you’re looking for massive water-slides and flumes, then Aqualand has you covered (perfect for kids and adults!). Palmitos Park has a variety of animal shows as well if you’re not one for submarine rides!

If you want to see something truly quirky, Gran Canaria has a beautiful western recreation village called Sioux City filled with cowboys for the kids, and fully stocked saloons for the adults if they need a break. There are bank robberies, lasso throwing, knife throwing and museums, making this a fantastic family holiday activity for kids.

If you can handle your own bank robbery, there are also Escape Rooms on the island, from bank robberies to prison escapes, so if you think your family can escape various puzzles, give it a go!

At Faro Excursiones, we offer a wide range of family activities, why not get in touch and see how we can help make your family holiday that little bit more memorable.